Open Winged Bat


Open wing bat!

Fly away with these cute bats!  Available in glossy polish and rough matte

Approximate size: ~5cm tall and wingspan ~8to10cm/ ~50-70g
Material: Black Obsidian

Note: Crystals are all different in nature.  Products may vary slightly in look, size, and color.  Also keep in mind, while we try to show an accurate depiction of products, screens and photography do not always agree and especially with certain greens/blues it can be hard to capture the accurate color, and screens projecting varying colors can also make what you see on screen different from what you see in person.  Please, keep this in mind when ordering.  Please also pay attention to size approximations in item descriptions, in order to not be disappointed in an item’s size, also note that all measurements are approximations.

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Matte, Polished


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